We like stuff that is a little bit beautiful, a little bit angry, and a little bit gross. Enter Aurel Schmidt.

From the O.H.W.O.W. website:

With exquisitely rendered colored pencil and graphite, and often a few body fluids too, Aurel today makes terrifying Arcimboldo babes and haunting party monster ghouls out of this muck, the punkest New York City junk around. As avidly as an Audubon chased a chickadee, Aurel scavenges street shit and squirrels it home to her studio to draw. Penis pumps, dead sparrows, hairy band-aids, dirty panties, puke and pornos have all turned up on her camera or in her studio collection. But despite the precision with which they are drawn, her artworks are never too tidy. Instead they feel like they are made on a four-day speed-fuelled sweaty hangover spree of self-destruction, not in the sense that they are hurried but more that her decisions seem to be made with the sort of "fuck it" confidence that comes from a woman on the brink with nothing to lose.


Aurel Schmidt's MANEATER, $35 at Court .

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