If you killed a whole city would you feel almighty and powerful, or would you just feel kind of like a dick? What if no one found out, and you didn't kill anyone you knew, or any babies or animals or nanas?

Either way, here are some pants and shirts.

Favourite jeans of 2009, the Kill City Crinkle wash. $106

We are big fans of the winter white jean, and these guys are perfect because they are called Dirty Snow. GOOD THING THEY'RE NOT YELLOW HaHAHAhhhahaHAhAHA (oof) $106

You probably need a new pair of high waist black skinny jeans, since that's all you ever really wear and your dog destroyed yours because you neglected him by sleeping in, and are just a terrible mother all around. Just me? Well it'll happen to you too, so go ahead and get these so that when you finally wake up and see what a mess he made, you can SHOW HIM by having a back-up. You should really re-evaluate your life btw. $106.

Plaid shirt dress $78.

Hey there small legs, wanna go on a date? Wish that guy was wearing a shitty hockey jersey instead of a ripped up fashion shirt. If he could also have on a flipped brim painters cap and a crooked smile, our fantasies would really appreciate it. We were creepin on a picture of our DREAM MAN on facebook and we really want to post it, but it would be weird because he's a friend of a friend, and we would really rather ruin our chances in person. $85

And then you got yourself a plain ol cozy flannel. This also comes in a black/white colourway, for all you bOnKeRZ bROz. $92

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

umm-will you email me if you those kill city highwaisters in a size 6...
i've been desperately searching for MONTHS for black hi skinnies.

thanks so much.