We receive about a million look books every day, and most of them end up right in the ol' trash folder. When we opened an email from Christopher De Gabriele, and saw what he had to offer, it felt like a million tiny doves were descending upon our hearts. Wait, does that sound terrifying? Maybe I should quit making jokes and just stick to the facts. This man is talented. We had a chance to meet with him to preview the Spring '10 collection, and the fabrics are beautiful, the construction is flawless, and the man himself is a total dreamboat.

Taking inspiration from 1970s architecture, the collection is a breath of fresh air compared to all the black/studs/fringe/zzzzz we have been seeing so much of.

It should also be noted that Chris MADE all the shoes in his look book. We are in full swoon-mode.

Look for some gorgeous Christopher De Gabriele pieces at Court, Spring 2010.

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