First of all, i didn't even mean to stick this photo up on here, but it's a happy accident, so it stays.

What I really wanted to talk to you about is Mexico. I am going in exactly one month and I think you should too. I'm not suggesting we go together, I've got my own life to live, but you deserve a vacation! And dude, that is totally enough time to get your shit together.

These (Madison Harding Quogue sandals- $160) are going to look good boppin around the city, but you should debut them somewhere special! Mexico Trip June '10! I'm telling you, I'm onto something here!

Maybe you thought you couldn't get a black fringe bathing suit for your trip, but we got you, boo. Mink Pink Black Fringe One Piece $98

Either way, I know you're going to hit the beach real good this summer, and I hope to god you've got your novelty beach towel locked and loaded.

And lastly, speaking of the beach, did you go to Beach House last night? They are perfect. Perfect! Webster Hall can be such a high-pressure situation with all their pat-downs and bag-checks and blah dee blee, but everyone was so NBD over there! What a night.

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