Seneca Rising Dree tee (also available in white) $92 $72

Factory by Erik Hart Body-con Binding dress $158 $110

Kill City Moto jeans $95 $68

Kill City Crinkle jeans $98 $68

Mink Pink X-rated dress $128 $89

For those just tuning in, from now through June 7th, each purchase enters you into a magical contest where one person shall mysteriously rise to the top and find themselves with a $100 store credit. Do not ask me how it works, I have been sworn to secrecy, and I will not tell. Ok fine we're going to drunkenly draw a name. HAPPY? You ruined your own innocence.

Don't be bummed if you live somewhere else and you see something you want. You can just call us at 212-925-1022. Email us even. We got you boo, the world is yours.

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