Can't believe I'm saying this, but God let us wear tights again. Give us tights and sweaters and coats and maybe even a glove or two. Here are some great new pieces to transition you into fall. I know you've been wearing the same dress for the last 2 weeks straight. Let's make a pact to never give up like that again, ok babygirl? Ok.

Something Else Tribal Moon Zip Dress $148
Jene Despain Brass and Leather Breastplate $165
Jene Despain Studded Leather Bracelet $64
Jene Despain Braided Leather Bracelet $60

Something Else Static Haze Dress $207
Pamela Love Crystal Cross Necklace $250

Something Else Peaceful Tank $107

Something Else Thermal Print Tank Dress $127

Mink Pink Cropped Lace-up Tank $48
Pamela Love Dagger Rosary $210

Something Else Mesh Back Tee Dress $87
Circa Now Ol' Saint Necklace $48

Mary Meyer Tif Jacket $110
Circa Now Leather Hair Tie $34
Vintage Crystal Necklace $60

Something Else Shoulder Tassle Sweater $157

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