Yo it is straight up FREEZING out there! Here are some new pieces to help you layer up and keep your cool in the cold.

Carolina Amato Men's Black Deerskin Gloves lined with rabbit fur (!!!) $135

Carolina Amato Men's Lambskin Gloves lined with cashmere (avail in black or brown) $97

Carolina Amato Women's Black Lambskin Fingerless Gloves $135

Spring & Clifton Hand Knit Beanie $75 $50

Funktional plaid wrap-front shirt $78
sidenote** this shirt has been approved with the label SEXY GRUNGE by at least one boyfriend we know

Seneca Rising Lowell Sweater $117

Spring & Clifton Sweet Valley Slouch Cardigan $168

Seneca Rising Jac shirts in white, cobalt or black. Long, thin, perfect layering piece. I bought all 3 colors and no-whoopsies, been wearing them every day.

Democracy of Nevermind Vest $115.

Spring & Clifton Henrietta Button Cape $178

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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

kind of majorly DYING over that moto fur vest!! AMAZING!!