Hey look at that, end of January. That means it's almost INTERNATIONAL OOO BABY THANKS FOR ALL THAT SWEET SWEET LOVIN DAY ! It's been a long, snowy haul since Christmas and dammit, you deserve it.

Check below for some little hints you can IM your man when he's bored at work. Just be like, "Sawwwwrryyy meant to send that to so-and-so" after like a minute. He'll click on it, and the seed is planted.

Oh wait, this post might blow your cover. It's fine, he'll think it's charming.

Kim Zitzow Arrowhead Studs $68

Kim Zitzow Large Sheath Necklace $168

Kim Zitzow Collision Rings -- Silver $165, Bronze $85

Kim Zitzow Mini Sheath Necklace $98

Kim Zitzow Nail Earrings $220

Brooklyn-based designer Kim Zitzow works with found, rusted iron and steel, as well as silver and bits of meteorites and gold. These pieces have easily found their way into our daily rotation of dangley jangles.

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