The story of the Zoe is this: The gorge dudes at Lips Jeans came out with this perfect style a few years ago, and we blew through about a zillion pairs at our old East Village store, Circa Now.

On we moved through the years, our Zoes still firmly glued to our bods. Jeans can last forever, but not when you have a dog with abandonment issues. When ours were sacrificed one late night, along with 3 pairs of very important shoes, we were heartbroken.

When we started Court Jeans it was a no-brainer that we had to bring this baby back! With a couple tiny tweaks and a bunch of new washes, the Court x Lips Zoe was re-born.

It's so exciting to see them out in the world again at Need Supply and Alter.

Zoe, baby, this one goes out to you

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