S'up!? Been a while since I held you tenderly in my great big blog arms. How've you been, how are the kids? Did you figure every single thing out and solve every single problem, lookin fine all the while? Thought so. I could just tell.

Some new pieces from Pamela Love are up online and ready for your bod to behold:
Tribal Spike Necklace in bronze $210

Single Skull Necklace in black $68

Crystal Cross Necklace in clear resin $598


We are all re-stocked in BLACK HIGH WAIST SHORTS!! These puppies flew out of here first time around, so act quick. You can also find them at Alter, and it looks like Oak has a couple left.

Currently obsessed with our high waist skinnies in FOXY. This wash pulled a fast one on us -- it's running (pun fully intended-- aye yai yai) a full size small, so make sure you order up. And I don't want to hear anything about not wanting to go a size up, we're all beyond that silliness. SIZE IS JUST A NUMBAH (and most of our jeans are running generous so you can make it up with those ones).

Anyway so what are you doing this weekend???? Our friend Carlen Altman, of JEWISH ROSARY fame wrote a movie... and actually, like... made it? How many people do you know right now that are working on a screenplay? Or even worse, thinking of working on a screenplay? Don't think, DO! She did. It's premiering this Sunday at BAM and you should go. Tickets here.

We will be there and so will her incredible mother who stars in this, my most favorite FILM of all time:

If you were to walk in here right now you would hear POST PHYSICAL by Pictureplane. Through the intricate beauty of the internet, you can also just press play on this thing and we'll be at one with each other no matter what. Post Physical INDEED, man. All the way.
Post Physical by PICTUREPLANE

gotta go.

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