Our Holiday Wish List as featured on SGC N-Y-C. You can just go ahead and ctrl+v this right into a blank email, fire up the "could conceivably buy me a gift" contact list and blast it off. Blammo. Christmas shopping (for yourself) done.

Of course that would mean you're kind of insufferable, so you'd better give some baller gifts as well. It's all about balance!

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1) Farmer Hat by Baileys $78
2) Spiderweb Sweater by C Luce $85
3) Botega Bag by Collina Strada $325
4) Cartella Bag by Collina Strada $345
5) Bronte Dress by Family Affairs $265
6) Foundry Glasses by Grey Ant $250
7) High Waist Skinny Jeans by Court $110
8) Quill to the Third Necklace by K/LLER $230
9) Lateral Quill Necklace by K/LLER $115
10)Arrowhead Earrings by Kim Zitzow $70
11)Pyramid Rings by Lillian Crowe $75 +
12)Pentagram Cuffs by Pamela Love $368
13)Crow Skull Necklace by Pamela Love $795
14)Collared Tank by Something Else $138

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